United Through diversity

Our Club brings together dynamic, young professionals from all corners of the world. Creating an unique atmosphere where we share, grow and have fun. 
We are recognised as the most international Rotaract Club in Brussels and Belgium.
Our Club organises a wide range of activities that enables members and visitors to make an impact and have a great time while making new friends.
Wherever and whenever we go, we always bring our international mindset, our positive energy and our distinctive "Coudenberg vibe".

RBCI Auction for a Cause 2022: Online Auction & Live Gala

Join us for our second edition of our online 'Auction for a Cause' and the in-person event to celebrate on 14th May 2022 - 'Night at the Opera' Gala.

Doing Good, Feels good

Making a difference. Changing the world. Helping humanity.
Big words, but that's what we do.
Our mission is to support and fund social projects both locally and internationally.