RBCI Board 2022-2023

President: Heather Gorham

Vice-President: Irina Csender

Secretary: Francesca Colli 

Treasurer: Ferdinando Scotti


Head of Fundraising Committee: Hanne Craninx

Heads of Social Committee: Caroline Ponsaerts & Roman Adamczyk

Head of Cultural events: Fatmata Kargbo

Our Committees

Currently our club consists of two main committees: the social committee, and the fundraising committee. In addition, the club has an ad-hoc committee which focuses on organisation of different cultural and fun activities for the members of the club throughout the year. 

Social Committee

The Social Committee of the club is responsible for identifying the organisations and social causes that our club wants to support on the ground, with members participating in activities to give back to the community, and with money raised during fundraising events, in collaboration with the board and the other club members. Some of the main social causes the club has supported in the past can be found here.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for identifying and organising activities and events which raise funds that can financially support the social causes of the club. Some of the main fundraising events of our club so far have been: various galas/parties, wine tastings, online and in-person auctions. The proceeds for such events are then donated to the social causes identified by the club as their priority for that year/period.